foot care

“When our feet hurt, we hurt all over.”  – Socrates

We check the tread on our car tires, rotate, and plan for new tires, yet we ignore our feet. Our feet are structures of complex engineering. Caring for our feet is something we take for granted until our feet cry for help. 

Implement these routines into your daily habits: 

Inspect your feet for red areas, wounds, and sore places. Respond to your feet when you feel pain and seek medical attention. Apply lotion – avoiding between your toes. Establish with a podiatrist and start a routine of visits to maintain toenails and address areas of concern. Wear well-fitted shoes with good support using clean and dry socks. Exercise to promote circulation. Rotate the pairs of shoes you are wearing and always choose good support. 

To learn more about local podiatrists and foot care services, ask your healthcare provider or seek a doctor referral service.