Never been old B4

We’re Featured on the NeverBeenOldB4 Podcast!

Curious about the distinctions between Home Care and Home Health? Tune in to the podcast, where Marie Sola hosts a conversation with Kimberly Bailey, our Life Plan Community Nurse. Together, they explore the nuances of aging at home safely, a topic central to NeverBeenOldB4. This platform is dedicated to guiding individuals through the intricacies of aging, fostering creativity, providing education, and offering encouragement to those aged 65 and beyond.

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Dr. Marilyn Laken is a nurse anthropologist and seasoned research expert, is deeply intrigued by uncovering pathways to navigate the trials of aging gracefully. Alongside her literary endeavors, she serves as one of the esteemed hosts on the podcast “NeverBeenOldB4.” Set to be released this summer, “I’ve Never Been Old Before: A Practical Guide to Aging” is not only a forthcoming book, but it’s also authored by Dr. Laken, a resident of Givens Estates.