Celebrating Pride Month at Givens Communities!

June is Pride Month, a time to honor and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. At Givens Communities, we proudly stand with those striving for civil rights, equitable treatment, and inclusion. Our Mission Our mission, Creating Community, Empowering Lives, is brought to life through the collective strength of: Givens Estates Givens Highland Farms Givens Gerber Park Givens […]

Congratulations on Using Your First QR Code! 🎉

We’re thrilled you’ve scanned the QR code and made it to our Learn First blog! This is a big step in staying connected and informed. Now that you’re here, feel free to explore our other posts to keep learning and stay engaged. Keep up the fantastic work, and happy reading!     How to Access […]

Amazing Day of Team Building!

We had an amazing team-building workshop at Charles D Owen Park in Swannanoa this week! The day was filled with fun, learning, and camaraderie as we enjoyed the company of Givens Home First and Givens Communities team members. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn fun facts about each other and strengthen our bonds. One […]

Meet Paula Kelley: Local NC Guardian and Care Management

As we journey through the complexities of aging, having the right support system can make all the difference. We’d like to shine a spotlight on a local resource dedicated to empowering seniors: NC Guardian and Care Management (NCGCM), Paula Kelley. Meet Paula Kelley: A Local Champion for Senior Care Paula Kelley, with her background in […]

Difference Between Givens Home First and Givens Choice

Givens Communities is committed to providing exceptional care and support for seniors, ensuring they have access to the services and programs that best meet their needs and preferences. In 2023, Givens launched two new programs, Givens Home First and Givens Choice, that offer unique approaches to senior living. Let’s explore the key differences between these […]

Welcome to our New Dementia Friends!

Dementia Friends

Today marks a special milestone as five members of Wood Assisted Living at Givens Estates join the Dementia Friends community, embracing a deeper understanding of dementia and taking proactive steps towards creating a more compassionate world. At Givens, we’re dedicated to fostering awareness and support for individuals living with dementia. Several team members have received […]

We’re Featured on the NeverBeenOldB4 Podcast!

Never been old B4

Curious about the distinctions between Home Care and Home Health? Tune in to the podcast, where Marie Sola hosts a conversation with Kimberly Bailey, our Life Plan Community Nurse. Together, they explore the nuances of aging at home safely, a topic central to NeverBeenOldB4. This platform is dedicated to guiding individuals through the intricacies of […]

Stroke Prevention: Tips from Kimberly

This month, Kimberly Bailey, our Life Plan Community Nurse, prepared a popular presentation on stroke prevention. She shared crucial tips on recognizing stroke symptoms and acting quickly in an emergency. Here’s a key takeaway from her talk that was inspired by guidance from the American Heart Association: F.A.S.T. Warning Signs Use the letters in F.A.S.T. […]

Blooming at Home: Learn First Seminar Recap

We’d like to extend a heartfelt shout-out to our Life Plan Community Nurse, Kimberly Bailey for orchestrating two fantastic Learn First Seminars. Both Seminars (April 5th at Givens Estates and April 8th at Givens Highland Farms) aimed to empower our residents to thrive and bloom at home. We extend our deepest gratitude to all the […]

Staying Steady with CDC’s STEADI Program

Kimberly STEADI

Shoutout to Kimberly Bailey, our Life Plan Community Nurse, for an incredibly informative and beneficial presentation to Givens Highland Farms residents on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s STEADI program. By sharing valuable insights and connecting residents with resources, Kimberly is helping them maintain balance and minimize the risk of falls. You can watch the presentation here! […]