Dementia Friends

Welcome to our New Dementia Friends!

Today marks a special milestone as five members of Wood Assisted Living at Givens Estates join the Dementia Friends community, embracing a deeper understanding of dementia and taking proactive steps towards creating a more compassionate world.

At Givens, we’re dedicated to fostering awareness and support for individuals living with dementia. Several team members have received training by Dementia Friends NC, equipping them to deliver informative sessions that empower others to become Dementia Friends.

Join us in this global initiative by learning more about what it means to be a Dementia Friend and how you can make a difference in your community. If you’re ready to schedule your hour-long information session to become a Dementia Friend, you can reach out to any of our trained Champions: Cheryl Wallen, Kimberly Bailey, Lisa Constantine, Ronette Botelho, Julie Moses, Shelbi Bonney, or Jessie Bosshard. You can also learn more by contacting us directly at [email protected]

Together, let’s create dementia-friendly communities where every individual is valued and supported.