Calling All Veterans 

Our licensed Home Care Agency provided over 10,000 hours of care to 100+ residents last year. We’d love to extend our support to Veterans by partnering with the Department of Veterans Affairs; however, we would need YOUR help! 

Despite recent attempts, the NC VA hasn’t accepted new Home Care agencies for more than a year. This is because the VA believes there are enough Home Care agencies in the area that already partner with the VA 

For Givens Home First to become a qualified provider, they’ve recommended Veterans (and their loved ones) contact the VA at (877) 881 7618. You’ll press option 1 for English, then option 1, option 4 and option 2 to request that Givens Home First Home Care in Asheville, NC becomes a providerThis would allow you to use your VA benefits to cover some of the costs, if you should ever need Home Care services. 

Your voice matters! 

Thank you for being part of our community.  

We’re thankful for our Veterans and are hopeful for a future partnership with the VA.