Beth Fountain

The Sparkling Sounds of Spring

Come join Dr. Fountain for a delightful exploration of Spring’s symphony! As one of several presenters, she will be your guide through the wonders of sound at the upcoming Givens Home First – Learn First Seminar series on April 5 at Givens Estates and April 8 at Givens Highland Farms, both beginning at 10:00 am. Residents can RSVP here.

From the gentle rustle of blossoms to the cheerful chirping of birds, Dr. Fountain will unveil the magic hidden in the season’s soundscape. In her talk, “The Sparkling Sounds of Spring“, get ready to experience Spring in a whole new light — through the enchanting lens of sound!

Feel free to preview the following article she will speak about:

What Older Adults Need to Know About Hearing Loss by the National Council on Aging.