Save the Date: Learn First Seminars in April!

Navigating the journey of aging profoundly influences our well-being. Resilient aging goes beyond enduring challenges; it’s about thriving amidst change. The mindset of resilient aging embraces openness to new ideas, a passion for learning and the ability to adapt to evolving circumstances.

Givens Home First is dedicated to passionately supporting residents at our Life Plan Communities with a wellness and educational focus. Givens residents are welcome to join us for our Spring Learn First Seminar Series: Blooming at Home! on April 5th at Estates and April 8th at Highland Farms. This seminar will include guest speakers that offer services to help empower safe aging in place.

Creating a Safe Haven: Home

Ensure you and your home aligns with your evolving needs for safe aging in place. Our presenters will guide you through practical home modifications and lifestyle choices that enhance safety without compromising the warmth of your home.

Dr. Beth Fountain, Fountain Audiology

Lyle Boyd, Carolina Mobile Optics

Sandra Winner, Insightful Rehab

Lisa Constantine, Givens Home First Home Care

Jonna Munroe, Health Ridge Pharmacy

Functional Pathways Therapy

Givens Life Enrichment/Resident Services

Resilient aging recognizes and responds to the changing needs of our bodies. Embrace lifestyle adaptations for physical health and a resilient mindset. Discover tips and tricks from community vendors including Elevated Living Services, Pre-op Solutions, Sona Pharmacy, SOS Dental Services, several home care agencies, and more!

Resilient aging is an intentional journey, marked by adaptations empowering us to face the future with strength and grace. Join us for insights, tips, and tricks to live your best life, filled with purpose and connection. Each adjustment is a brushstroke on the canvas of your resilient aging story.

For more information, contact: Kimberly Bailey Life Plan Community Nurse at [email protected] or 828-771-2215

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